Sexual Harrassment Training

The #MeTooMovement has brought a high awareness on sexual harassment in the workplace. The state of California now requires businesses with 5 or more employees, which includes independent contractors and temporary employees in that number, to have Sexual Harassment training every 2 years.  AB1825 requires one-hour training for non-managers and two hours for managers. California required completion of training by 1.1.2021. If you have not completed the trainings yet here is a link to a “free” training through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. › shp

Even though there was a drop in the number of sexual harassment cases last year, the monetary costs increased. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated that cases settled, were at nearly $70 million, much higher than previous years.

EEOC data on Sexual Harassment over the past 3 years:

Sexual Harassment includes hostile workplace and bullying. A survey taken in 2017 on bullying in the workplace shows:

  • 14.5 million American workers stated they were being bullied
  • 15.4 million American workers stated, they had been the victims of workplace bullying before, but not in 2017
  •  23 million American workers witnessed workplace bullying
  •  7.5 million American workers know it has happened to others.

In order to avoid costly lawsuits, it is important to schedule trainings, now, for your employees.

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