Traveling? Stay Fit with These 5 Tips

No one would argue with you if you skipped a day of your exercise routine or had a cheat meal. Everyone knows how busy you are, but is that a good enough excuse for you? If you’re really serious about staying fit, traveling shouldn’t stop you. Granted, it’s not always easy.

If you’re traveling for business, you can hardly skip the cocktail hour mixer or the catered dinner with your colleagues. What you can do is make smarter food and drink choices while still sticking to your diet and workout routine even when you are traveling.

1. Eat breakfast and drink water
If you don’t eat a good breakfast or you let yourself get dehydrated, you are not going to feel like working out. And even if you do muster the strength to drag yourself to the gym, it will be ten times harder than if you’d had a balanced breakfast and drank water throughout the day.
Make sure you get a healthy breakfast, even if it’s the hotel’s continental breakfast. Make sure you fit in all your basic food groups to give yourself the energy you need to make it through the day. If you don’t have a water bottle, purchase one that you can carry with you all day long.
2. New rule – “I will use the stairs when going up or down three flights or less.”
Just by taking the stairs, you can get a good 30-minute workout in every day. When you are traveling and your hotel room is on the 30th floor, taking the stairs is not an option. But if your meeting is on the second floor, it will take an extra 10 seconds to skip the elevator and hoof it up and down those stairs.
3. Stock your hotel room mini-fridge with real food
You will have an easier time staying on track with your diet if you have healthy food options at your disposal. Stop at the grocery store to pick up some sliced turkey or roast beef and bread. Grab some veggies and stock your hotel room fridge with foods that fit in with your diet plan.
4. New rule – “I will walk if the destination is five blocks or less (in a safe neighborhood…during the day).”
If you are staying at a hotel that is just a few blocks from your conference center, why not walk it? It will get your heart rate up, plus you’ll get to explore a new place while taking in some fresh air.
Make sure you walk briskly, no sauntering. And as you walk, tighten your muscles and flex your feet so that you get some muscle toning in too. 
5. Shorten your usual workout routine to 15 minutes (and do it in the A.M.)
Vacation is not the time to spend two hours at the gym and if you’re traveling for work, you probably don’t have that kind of time. Instead, abbreviate your workout with these easy exercises you can do in your room:

  • Lunges – Alternate legs lunging for one minute. Walk in place for 30 seconds and repeat three more times
  • Bicep Curls – Your work bag, briefcase or carry-on make good weights for bicep curls. Curl for one minute. Shake your arms out and stretch them. Repeat three more times.
  • Standing Leg Lifts – Hold onto the edge of a table or the dresser if need be. Stand up straight and alternate lifting your legs waist high. Walk in place for 30 seconds and repeat three more times.
  • Push-Ups – You can do knee push-ups or plank push-ups but get 15 – 25 in to give yourself a good core and upper body workout.

Don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout. If once isn’t enough, do this again before you go to bed.
Be sure to share any other ways to stay on track with your diet and exercise plan while you’re traveling.

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