How to find a health insurance Agent or Broker Blog

How to find a health insurance agent or broker

1) Find a specialist in your State. Never go with a Benefits Provider located “nationally” only. California, NY, Hawaii…all are way too complicated in their requirements (ever-changing) to ignore the specialists who are in-State in favor of one located elsewhere.

2) Payroll companies are not Health Insurance and Employee Benefits specialists. My personal recommendation is FIRST to avoid the payroll companies who try to talk about how easy it is to put their benefits together with the payroll withholding. Most payroll companies allow you to work with a broker.

3) Where to find a Health Insurance Agent, Broker

Google is actually a good place to find a health insurance broker or Employee Benefits broker. Search locally and look for someone who specializes in the type of health insurance products you are looking for. It is best to find a broker who can offer you all available products in your area vs. an agent who just represents one company.

In California, I recommend going to two different spots to find names in your area of competent, vetted, and professional benefits brokers. One option is to go to the National Association of Health Underwriters ( and top left menu, “Find An Agent” (put in zip code plus 25 miles). Look at what the agents listed sell and choose a couple who sell small group benefits plans.

NO ONE can give you a better price: rates are set by law in each state and/or through the ACA. You are looking for someone who can offer ways to give you good choices with a reasonable price structure. (You can set your maximum monthly rate per employee; you can choose a level of plan you will cover at, say, 75% and let employees go up or down; you can work with volunteer benefits as well as employer-sponsored benefits, etc.)

4) In California you can contact Pam Morton with Benefits by Design Insurance Services at to get an online insurance quote. She has offices in both Northern Ca and Southern Ca. She is one of many good group benefits brokers in CA with more than 30 years of experience as a health insurance corporate sales and leadership professional and 5 years as an Independent Benefits broker. Phone numbers for her agency are 415-524-8959 and 760-696-3573. Their website is to buy insurance online.

Benefits by Design specializes in Employee Benefits and Medical health insurance, is an authorized agent for Covered California and has a corporate back ground in selling Medicare Products, including Medicare supplements, Medicare Part D prescription Drug plans, Medicare Advantage plans and she can simplify the process for people who are becoming eligible for Medicare for the first time.